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Team Members

Why Work With TheCyberDelta?

Know the benefits of working with us

Production level impact


As a team member you will be working on production ready platforms, thus making higher impact in the organisation.

Drashta, Editor


Working with thecyberdelta organization is totally worth it. It increases my communication skills while working as a team in cyber Delta.They provide us a Production platform where I can showcase my talent as a Author. My Article was published at front-page of Cyber Delta which I shared with my friend and relative recieving appreciation from them was just an awsome part .They provide me with the Certificate of internship which really helpful in improving my C.V and Resume to apply for Intenships and Jobs

Tanishq, Team member

Industry Experience

TheCyberDelta has very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, they bestowed a creative approach to gain more knowledge in cybersecurity, hacking and other tech related fields and provided authentic projects to work on . TheCyberDelta not only helped me to culminate my knowledge and skills but also helped me with community development

Shivangi, Author

Social & Network Growth

I have come across a lot of like minded people from around the country. At TheCyberDelta we meet new people and exchange cultures. My position at TheCyberDelta doesn’t only help me culminate my skills but it also provides social development. As one of the best quote says your Network is Net Worth

Eashan, Author
TCD work atmosphere

Work Atmosphere

The whole team is very accepting and welcoming. The interactions are all light hearted and very much helpful at all times. Deadlines are structured so the work is never too much. There is no pressure to just be doing things, and one is free to learn and explore new topics every chance they get.

Apoorva, Author

What Positions TheCyberDelta offers?

The descriptive list of all the positions open in TCD

Content Writer at TCD

Content Writer

As a content writer you will be documenting the teams process and writing on various topics along with helping team managers for content on a page.

Graphics Designer at TCD

Graphics Designer

You will be designing the various graphics to go on the site and social handles, deciding the most suitable colour palettes, Front-End developers can apply too.

product-development @ TCD

Product Developer

You will be developing the flow of a page and the content to go on this, after your design and concept completion the graphics designers and content writers will help you.

Programmer TCD


You will be coding the various projects assigned to you, either making GUI or command line softwares and handling the backend of various projects.

web-development tcd


You will be designing and developing sites for various projects and also maintaining the current sites under TCD domains.

Out Reach


You will be responsible for the growth and partnerships with other sites of the same domain of work and also establish good relations with our sponsors.

CTF designers

CTF Challenge Designer

You will be designing and developing the machines and challenges for a successful CTF competition and looking the backend of the CTF platform of TCD.

Keyword researcher At TCD

Keyword Researcher

You will be researching about the most trending computer topics and list them so the authors can write on them, you will also research about the tag for social handles.

Social Media manager at TCD

Social Media Manager

You will be designing and looking after the SEO of various TCD social handles and working in collaboration with Graphics designers to make the suitable posts and grow the handles.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to few most asked questions

Will I be paid for this internship?

No, the team members are considered as volunteers and we are able to pay in knowledge and experience only.

How much exposure will I be getting working in this internship?

You will be working with a large team and your profile will be promoted in the contributors page for life. You will also experience corporate life.

What will be the duration of my internship?

This internship will be of 1 month and at max you will be working 2 hours on daily basis for 5 days a week.

Would the internship affect my studies?

It most certainly will not. We will take care you manage TCD along with your studies and take away a lot of knowledge.

Is internship in a volunteer run organisation even useful?

Everything counts as an experience, and no experience is bad experience in our opinion. Open source organisation are highly value in todays era.