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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

   Q. What is TheCyberDelta ?

Ans : TheCyberdelta is a organisation that records major happenings around the world in the computer domain with the help of blogging. We have your Cyber interest covered. Know the domain thats best suited for you and start preparing for a better career tomorrow with TheCyberDelta.

Q. How to get in touch with a particular author?

Ans : You can visit our About Page and contact them through their social media handles.

Q. How to download the app for TheCyberDelta?

Ans : TheCyberDelta has a Progressive Web Application (PWA) i.e. the webpage appears as an app on all your devices including your desktops and laptops. Click on the install app button on the right hand side of the address bar on the browser and enjoy all our content in an app.

Q. What are the upcoming goals of TheCyberDelta?

Ans : TheCyberDelta’s main goal is to provide the resources for public regarding many cyber applications. It has a vision of all round development in cyber field. May be now it was a small organization but sooner or later it will develop into a well-established organization.

Q. What can TheCyberDelta do for you?

Ans : It will help you increase your awareness about various fields in CS. Our posts are always up-to-date and newer posts are uploaded frequently.

Q. How can I join this organization?

Visit the careers page of TheCyberDelta and fill the important information and our representative will get in contact with you

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