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Osintagram is a python hacking tool for hacking any Instagram account. Learn the complete setup and execution of Osintagram.
Using Instagram OSiNT to hack into an Insta account.

The Osintagram is a python hacking tool, Instagram OSint tool can be used to hack any public account on Instagram, the tool is to collect, analyze and run reconnaissance. It provides an interactive shell to perform analysis on the Instagram account of any user by its nickname. Does one want to give a proper definition of the Instagram OSint tool?

Then just note that the Instagram OSint tool gets a range of information from Instagram, accounts that you normally wouldn’t be able to get from just looking at their profile. The information includes username, profile name, URL, followers, following, number of posts, Bio, Profile picture URL, is the business account?, connected to FB account?, External URL, joined Recently, business category name, is private? Is it verified? download photos etc. So how do you get started?

Our very first step is to download Linux. What’s Linux? Linux is a virtual machine, in Linux, the user has access to the source code of the kernel and alters the code according to his need. When one installs Linux in its system it’s like a virtual machine working inside a machine. To download Linux, just go to your search engine and type download virtual box. Click on Oracle VM VirtualBox, now click on download virtual box 6.1.

Virtual Box

After installing our virtual machine, it’s finally time to get kali. Now how do we get Kali Linux? Again, go to your search engine, and type kali Linux download,

Kali Linux Download
Click on Get kali, Kali Linux is the site we need.
VMware and VirtualBox
Click on virtual box 6.4, And Voila you have Linux kali installed in your system. Now click on your Linux file and it will start to extract
Now click on import and it will start importing from the virtual machine
Next click on Kali Linux VirtualBox- anix64.

Click on kali gnu/Linux, and then enter

Kali Linux
our password will be kali and user name kali too.
Instagram OSint
Now you have kali installed in your system!!!, give yourself a thumbs up. Now we will start our work on OSint to ethically hack an Instagram account. Kali Linux is going to be our hacking machine, open your terminal on Linux kali, and you will find it on the right side top corner of your desktop, now the first thing we will do is download tools, using the git clone command, then put this (““) link, in your terminal, and do proceed to install. You can type ls to check if osintagram is there or not.
Our next step is to install python3.6 and pip, to make sure it’s installation, type sudo apt install python3. If it is already installed, it will show its already installed if it’s not then you will get a process like an image below, Type Y to proceed further,
Our next step is to install pip, type sudo apt install python3-pip, and Type Y for yes to proceed further as we did In python3.
After the process is completed, type pip3 install -r requirements.txt
Now we will make a directory, to make a directory we need to type mkdir config, if it shows no error, proceed further, let us jump into the directory, to jump in we need to type cd config.
Now, let us start the hacking of the account, now the first thing you may need is deep breaths then type echo “name of your account” > username.conf the username. conf is a file. And by echo, you are putting the name of the account in the username. conf, Now let’s do our setup. To setup type echo “supersecertpassword” > pw. conf, and then press enter then type echo “{}”  > settings.json then type ls to confirm.
Now we are ready with our setup, the script we will be using is, type cd.. press enter then type ls, and you will see as your script. Now, let’s start using it right away.
Type python3 main.pip nameofuseraccount and then enter,
Here the logged as are you and the target is the person whose account you are ethically hacking.
Use the list command to see what you can do …. We will type list and press enter
Here are a few more things you can do, now you just have to type the command and get access to whatever you like,
Type xdg-open filename to open a file
Type exit and then enter, to get exit from a specific command.
And there you go, you have successfully hacked a user account, ethically 😉 of course.

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