Technology: A Catalyst for Social Good


Technology – The social thing

Technology is the things that become everything in our lives today. It is the thing that connects everyone all around the world. Technology changing our world at a speed never seen before. Technology makes our lives better and safer. Technology is a thing that gives an unbelievable experience that we couldn’t imagine. Everyday technology grows far better than we think. It socialize people by getting know them with various methods and technologies.

If technology is the thing that gives all, its obvious that it is also can be a catalyst for social good. But till now we have not seen technology completely. We have only seen some part of technology that is helpful for human kind. Now a days our technology is growing faster and new things we inventing day by day. We have achieved much growth in artificial technology and digital appliances. From matchbox to sending rocket to moon, is the technology developed by the humans day by day with great effort.

So let us discuss some important points that make us to believe that technology is the thing that act as catalyst for social good.

Technology Provides better Education

Technology has the power to improve our educational system all our the world. Education is the key for the future to develop. With the help of technology now we are providing digital class rooms for the students. It’s not about giving smartphones to the children, its about the new method of learning. The digital skills that possessed by the children help them to understand the things clear.

Technology in education

In every school or college technology plays a prior role in developing not only student but also for school. These days all the attendance were taken by the digital machines. Marks were calculated by the digital process to reduce the error in marks calculation. Progress report were sending to their parents in SMS format to avoid cheating of students about their own marks at their parents. If any pandemic occurs classes can be conducted online with out delay. Taking admissions into school or college is now a days are go be done in online process. Holidays were announcing to the parents right the moment with technology. Not only the school our entire education system depends on technology.

Technology is a heart for healthcare

Technology plays a key role in healthcare of public. Now a days without technology there is no other way to treat people. In hospital all the equipment is based on technology. Starting from patient diagnosing and end of writing medicines all is based on the result given by our digital machines. Different types of machines diagnose different types of diseases and give result with minimal error as possible. The way of understanding the disease and diagnosing it made easy with technology. We are inventing different kind of medicines for different disease with technology. The amount of drug to be used in a medicine can be determined and calculated effectively in digital.

Technology in health

These days we are taking blood samples from home and giving correct results more accurately in a short period of time. MRI, Scanning and even a small check up needs help of technology to diagnose the situation of the patient. From Entering Op’s to consulting a doctor needs a perfect working of technology for diagnosing patients. For making big surgeries like kidney transplantation, Heart transplantation, Brain transplantation etc.. are to be done nothing with out technology. From giving birth to a child and getting end with life and after life also technology is the only thing that stores our information till an end of era.

Technology – In the earth and beyond the earth

Now a days we have the technology of sending a multiple rockets at a time into the space. We have got that much developed technology. We have vast power of intelligence that may help or destroy the mankind. With technology we have made many nuclear materials for war purposes. Here the way we use the technology defines us how much we are capable of having. We can make our own aircrafts, jets, submarines, rockets, and military equipment with the advanced technology that we have.

Technology in space

We can send a spacecraft to observe the space and get the information at an instant. We can get research on other planets and we can check whether the place is suitable for human living or not. We can get the mysteries of space with the technology we have. We know anything that beyond our imagination by the technology we posses now.

With use of artificial brain we can make artificial robots for achieving the things that man can do and man cannot do. We use this artificial brain as a huge power to decrease the deaths of people at in military powers. Technology saves life of people and can give life to people. With this improved technology we need many people to handle these technical things.

Technology – The brain of construction

As we know every person needs a shelter to live. The construction of a house takes a lot of technical things into consideration. For planning the construction of a building or any other machinery need a technology that of minimal error. Even for making a small cycle takes a lot of technical things into consideration. If we go for big vehicles we cannot describe in words that how much technology we were imparting in it.

Technology in construction

For a small thing the step to be big, like that for a every small thing there needs a part of technical issues. With out the help of technology man cannot build their own selves. It is part in our life which motivates us to find a new thing everyday. The great constructions like Taj mahal, Burj Khalifa, Charminar, Great wall of china etc.. needs a perfect technical abilities to make the things that wonderful. The way we shape the technology will it lead us to the future of bright. The overall development till we achieved is because of the technology that we developed.

Technology – The Digitalization

These days technology is the only only thing that connects the people around the world. The digitalization that we achieved till now made a revolutionary change in our life’s. The whole world is digitalized with an artificial technology that makes human burden less. In our lives we see these development all around us and at every place.

Technology in digitalization

Now-a-days the banking system is digitalized, and it was one of the major revolution that came on our life. With mobile banking/Net banking we make our transactions in a simpler way. We are taking our loans in our home only by online applications. Bank accounts are made and new policies are made everyday.

In stocks or crypto the major thing leads here is the technology that we developed. The share values are being monitored thoroughly by the digitalized monitors. The thing Internet that we made is a major thing in our life these days. Every single thing connects to the internet and it is the one which rules the world todays. The situation today we have is “Without internet we have no life”. The Internet of things is the major branch that plays a key role in our life to digitalize our whole world every single second.

The Technology till now we achieved deepening its root for the brighter future. It is the main thing that catalysis the whole world day by day. The technology spreading its wings to a far way that leads us to the upcoming technology.

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